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LUMC - Then, Now, & tomorrow

Louisville United Methodist Church has a history dating back over 125 years. Originally known as the Methodist Episcopal Church of Louisville, LUMC was the second church founded in Louisville, Colorado on August 31, 1891. Today it is the oldest church in Louisville still worshiping in their original building.

Since inception LUMC has been community-minded. In 1910 when the coal miners of Colorado went on strike, two things occurred. The community joined the strike and two women of the Methodist Church refused to let the children in the community go without gifts beginning the first community Christmas treats. In September 1932 the Methodist Women started the Fall Festival in connection with the Labor Day parade. In the 1960s LUMC organized Election Day dinners for all. And, today LUMC ministries include the Jefferson Street Preschool and organizing the Community Giving Tree Program each Christmas season serving more than 200 recipients with gifts delivered by the Louisville Fire Department!

Organized religion, including the United Methodist Church, can often trigger contentious conversations today. While not denying the larger picture, we are committed to finding a way for faith to be an avenue of learning to love more with God’s grace, the lessons of Jesus, and the comfort of the Spirit. Tomorrow’s future depends on us to learn and grow together.