I've Got Jokes

What did the pastor and the congregation have in common in October? No one wanted to attend worship.

For local churches that work on a January to December fiscal year, October is a common time for Stewardship Campaigns. The pastor and a team of people pour over the financial reports. What was pledged and given for the current year? What were the differences of income and expenses in comparison with the current year’s budget? What do the rough numbers for the next year’s budget look like? Then, they draft a finely word-smithed letter for each family, a pledge card graphic is created and printed, and the US Postal Service receives an influx of paperwork sent to each member, constituent, and regular visitor of the local church.

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First, Do No Harm

Good evening people of God,

Tonight as we drove through the evening rush hour traffic the kids and I quizzed each other on the names of baby animals. It seems the word for newly hatched ostriches is not in my vocabulary. Animals, apparently, were on our minds.

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Do You Remember The Time...

Good morning all,

I apologize for this week’s letter being a day late. I didn’t quite know what to write about, and it seemed better to wait for some inspiration - a tactic that probably won’t work on a Sunday morning.

This is our final week of our sermon series on family, and we’ll be looking at the story of Rahab.

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EpistleElizabeth JacksonJoshua
The Imaginary Limitations of Time and Space

Good afternoon fellow human,

Each Tuesday I begin to read through quotes that may align with the theme of our sermon series being discussed in worship. My hope is that another’s words will expand our imaginations in some way that allows the words of scripture or the meditations of my heart to resonate with you and your walk of life on Sunday and the days that follow.

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EpistleElizabeth JacksonLuke
Why Choose A Family?

Good afternoon,

The temperature has begun to drop enough at night, that my mind has begun dabbling in the lessons of autumn. Each fall we receive a beautiful reminder from Mother Nature about the power of learning to let go.

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EpistleElizabeth JacksonRuth
At What Cost?

Good afternoon people of God,

This morning I dropped my children off at school and found myself on 75th Street north of Louisville. As I looked out the window and watched some chickens, geese, and ducks (including ducklings) scurry through grass playing and scavenging for food, I listened to recordings of interviews of people who survived Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. The juxtaposition of the cohabitating birds with the stories of trauma and people fleeing islands that are now decimated made my stomach twist. How will we respond to those who no longer have homes, safe drinking water, or places for school and work?

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