Are You My Mother?

Happy Friday!

I hope this email finds you doing well. This week my kids began school, so it was the crazy mix of end of summer and the beginning of schedules and responsibilities. There has been excitement, a dash of dread, and metaphorical whiplash.

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Elizabeth Jackson
When Talking To Yourself...

Good evening,

Tonight as the work week wraps up I’m wondering how many people headed home thinking about what they didn’t get done, how many people feel like they accomplished more than they had anticipated, and how many people went home content, that what they did this week was enough.

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Love In Action - Or - Love Inaction

Good afternoon faith community of LUMC,

When I settle down to write to you each week, I feel as though I have a dozen or so post-it notes metaphorically floating around in my head. Where have I seen this week’s scripture active in my day-to-day activities? What global or local event has graced our news sources on the television, radio, computer, or phone? How has God been present in and through my family the last few days? It all seems rich and relevant and worthy of leadership and reflection. And yet, if I address each of my mental metaphorical post-its, there may be no need for us to gather for worship on Sunday. ;)

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EpistleElizabeth Jackson
This Meal Has Been Prepared for You

Good afternoon community of LUMC,

As I prepare for worship this week, I have intentionally chosen to engage some of Paul’s commentary on communion for the people of Corinth on a week during which we will break bread and share the cup together. Communion is by far one of my favorite parts of being an ordained clergy person. There is something incredibly spiritual about being a vessel for a person’s intimate connection with God while participating in a ritual Jesus and his disciples started thousands of years ago. It is a personal moment I hold with the highest honor and respect.

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Are We Same, Or Are We Different?

Sometimes when I write "and beyond" I hear it in Buzz Lightyear's voice. Feel free to do the same.

This past week Megan, the kids, and I road-tripped to Lincoln, Nebraska to spend some time with her family - four generations on the maternal side of her family. The first night together was curious and entertaining.

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Laws That Bind

One of the things I appreciate about my current season of life, is I keep increasing how much I read. Something about the time after college and after grad school, my reading for pleasure dropped off. Which sequentially impacted my reading for work as well. However, something has shifted for me, and I keep increasing my reading - fiction books, nonfiction books, historical documents, and more. And, the more I read, the less I'm able to differentiate between reading for pleasure and reading for work. It all feeds me.

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