How Far Did The Apple Fall?

2019.09.01 RHE Quote.png

On Sunday, August 25th we kicked off a new sermon series exploring different aspects of family. During the sermon I talked about how families come in different shapes and sizes. Additionally, because of our varied life experiences, even the word and concept of “family” varies from person to person.

With a little intentionality we can easily recognize that our family is unique in comparison to the next. What happens though when we look inside our immediate family circle?

We’ve all heard the stories, or we’ve lived them. Parents have a history of setting exceptions and making mental plans for their child(ren) to attend their alma mater or take up the family business. Perhaps it’s to manage finances or reduce anxiety for the future of the family business. But, where do we miss the opportunity to know our family members better by imposing an expectation of each generation mimicking the previous?

Even in the scriptures we find stories of children growing up to be unique God-created individuals instead of generations of parental Mini-Me clones. How can recognition of difference within our own family tree help us to be in healthier relationships with our family members?

I look forward to worshiping with you on Sunday. Maybe we’ll relinquish the mental measuring tape checking how far the apple fell from the tree.